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02-13-2012, 08:22 AM
Originally Posted by Latinumbar
Your info is out of date. Have you actually played the mission in season 5? First of all, there are no other borg in the area to clear. Secondly, there is a force field that comes down. You can't set up shop by the rock in the back. You cannot stay out of range of his attacks any more due to the force field.

Please actually PLAY the mission before commenting on strategies.
I've since played it again on normal with my fleet-mates with my Tac wearing a full MACO set. Which I think makes a huge difference with borg adaptation and survivability. (We were a mixed bag but at least 2 tacs.)
We let him remain in the middle and stayed in opposite corners to avoid the AOE shock chain he does at some points. The orbials he dropped weren't so bad if you kept moving around in your area of the ring, and if one caught a teammate, the nearest member would run over and rez if they didn't have aggro at the time. The rest of us just pounded away, mostly without geting into mele range. The bubbles he drops at the last stage made it difficult to hit with sniper shots but enough standard hits went through to bring him down eventually. Most of us were using weapons with a high dps over distance. (rifles)

I am casual on how often I keep up with the HUGE amount of changes since Perfect World took over so excuse the fact that I had not played it since the change till now. Please keep in mind that not everyone spends as much time on ground STF's at this point as they used to. Not all of us think it's that big of a deal either.