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02-13-2012, 08:24 AM
I can't really say anything much. This missions didn't leave any kind of impression in me. Maybe it was too short, maybe I just hyped through it expecting something new and very very fun. Maybe I need to play through it again on Advanced difficulty. I don't say it was VERY easy but on Normal it was quite a walk in the park. I think I've spent more time doing that regular mission in Bajor thinking that its a next chapter lol, than the new FE chapter.

I'll deff replay it on Advanced, get the box of consumables and maybe another Jem'Hadar weapon. It was fun. I didn't like much running around on ambassadors' errands sicne you get no reward for those whatsoever, but I did like the conference part which I failed half of Ambassadors lol. My Diplomacy wasn't high enough to talk 2 of them into participating. So I guess I still have some time until this weekend to get it all right.

I hope that this story will exponentially rise in fun. beginning was so so even though fun. But there is fun when you can't take your eyes off of the monitor and fun that you just giggle a bit through. This one the latter to me. I wish I couldn't keep my eyes off, but it wasn't all that interesting and involving. I think story lacks, but we'll see how it all progresses and ends. Can't create a final impression about the whole thing if you only did the very beginning. For what it was - was fun enough for me to go back and do it again, but this time I'll def skip the optional side-quests.