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02-13-2012, 08:40 AM
First do you have a Cryptic or a PWE account? Make sure you contact the right support department for your account.

It took me ~5 days to get a response from the account/billing department recently on my Cryptic account.

Second, think twice before initiating a charge back. First, there may have been a problem with the transaction. In this case, it is very possible that is an authorization charge. Wait 3 days. If it does not fall off your account, or goes from 'pending' to 'posted', you can decide whether to do a chargeback or not. If it does fall off your account (the funds are returned), it was just an authorization charge.

A chargeback is bad for many reasons. The biggest reason not to do a chargeback is that Cryptic is then likely to ban your account and/or charge you for the chargeback fee and initial charge.

Handle this through Cryptic, wait, and be patient.