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02-13-2012, 09:06 AM
Originally Posted by Gregg247 View Post
Why not move the Breen series up? This would mean getting fitted with the Breen equipment around level 39-40. At that point in the game, the extra powers would be much appreciated by players. By the time it starts to grow obsolete in 8-9 levels, you're reaching the Borg episodes, which is a perfect segueway for upgrading.

I wouldn't call it obsolete. Just do the Breen Missions at Level 50 to get that rank equipment (if they come in different ranks, I haven't checked).

If you feel like using an All Torpedo Build for something like the LRSV-R to compensate for its Armour Generator drawback, then Breen is the way to go. It boosts Transphasic Torpedoes (or at least they used to). I have the heard that the Rapid-Fire Transphasics (also Breen, I believe) do not share Torpedo Cooldown. This would give the Breen Set a few perks.