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02-13-2012, 09:47 AM
Originally Posted by apple1988
well, as for crytpic points, if i buy them from pay pal let say 2000 CP i would get the full 2000 CP points. (at cryptic site)

but if i buy them from PWE i get 2000 ZEN tranfers to STO (star trek online) leaves me 1600 due transfer rate.
rate at PWE is 100 ZEN = 80 CP
so 2000-400 = 1600

I pay the amount on both sides i think but recieve les at PWE so thats not a fair trade. I know PWE needs some income to but i do not like that i lose points in process.

see what i mean ? with that ?

@ what do you mean with dilithium exchange ? im sorry im fairly new to the game... please explain
You need to compare the amounts of money you spend. From what I've seen on other posts, 1000 zen = 800 c-points, and they both cost the same amount of money.