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02-13-2012, 12:12 PM
I was talking about Arena and Capture and Hold PvP stuff, i should have made this more clear, sorry.
Althrough many players (including me) are "enjoying" this map (Ker'rat), the devs haven't updated this map much since i have started playing STO 2 years ago.
I think open war maps like Kerrat are the way to go.
People aren't that organized there like in a Arena or C&H map.
You can go in, stay a while and go if you don't like it, which is much more free than going to a Arena map with a given team.
So everyone is doing more or less his own stuff, althrough there are some teams there too.

To survive there one cannot always rely on a team that can heal you. In my opinion ship balancing needs to be different than originally planned, since teamplay is much more casual on such a map.

My point was that ships should be more flexible and bit more equalized.
Not much an escort should stay an escort, a cruiser a cruiser and a science vessel a science vessel, but i think that ships should be much more self sufficient.
(Which would also be more like in the shows)

In my opinion ships as they are now are too extreme, like some can do too much damage, and others can just survive long but can't do not much else. I would like to see some ships (Federation AND KDF) that are more in between.
Giving all Tier 5 and above ships a Lt. Cmdr universal and a universal console would make ships much more flexible and much more fun to fly IMHO.

I like the idea of mini factions in STO, it would open a whole new dimension of content, like Ferengi marauders and a Starbase, a independent small Borg collective, some Alien of the week planets and some ships, or the devs could make up a minor faction on their own, where they can put in stuff they seem to like so much (like mass effect like Armors, Escort ships and so on ).
The C-Store could make tons of money with a good mini faction (if executed well).
Additionally the devs could have much more freedom in designing alien stuff like ships and species.
I think it would be a win- win situation.

Live long and prosper.