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02-13-2012, 12:13 PM
Originally Posted by Roach View Post

I die from an anuerism bursting becuase the Devs give in to this continued crying over the BoP when the feds already have many many perfectly capable and often better ships just becuase some #@$@^ fed believes it'll up thier PvP game but refuse to play KDF becuase its beneath them.
Indeed, if every Fed player also played a Klingon to max Level, they might realize that the Bird of Prey takes more skill to fly then an 8 beam cruiser circling with FAW going Pew Pew. :p

And as far as the OT:

1. More C-store costumes!
2. Fed Carriers!
3. DHC capable Fed Sci-of-Prey comes in for only RNG Box that sells at 100 C-store Points each!
6. We get a klingon making a "Feds are OP!" post in the forums

Fixed it for you.