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Greetings STO PvP community,

I haven't played in a while and just got overwhelmed by so many recent Skill changes and of course this new DOff system I'm currently trying to have a look into. Since a few days I've been struggeling to get a decent result with my trusty Excelsior, however my old, pretty solid built simply stopped working.

Thanks to Mavairo and his very nice thread about Cruisers in PvP (others had helpfull additions too, not only there!), I was trying to play around a bit more. Since he has yet to post his suggestions about an Excelsior built, I'll post my two versions looking for constructive comments.

Variant 1 - Control Variant
Here I tried to take advantage of the improved turnrate my ship has. It features a copy of EWP (the weakest version though) and gets combined with a purple Matter-Antimatter-Specialist, featuring a 25% chance to completely immobilize a target which gets into my EWP cloud. I already tried to stack another DOff of this type, however they can't be combined.

On the negative sides, this built has no RSP 1 copy, leaving me somewhat vulnarable if my shields should really drop. Plus the Particle Generators take up a few skillpoints which might be invested somewhere better.

Variant 2 - More teamplay oriented
Basicly I ditched the EWP 1 and replaced it with ES 2, for advanced team support. I used this opportunity to install RSP 1 on the slot freed by ES 1.
This built is somewhat less offensive due to the lack of EWP, however I realligned the skillpoints for direct weapon damage.


Otherwise, the item setup is fairly basic:
6x Phaser Beam Arrays Mk XI
2x Chroniton Torps Mk XI / MK XII (for additional chance to snare/slow enemies down)

Eng Consoles: 1x Neutronium, 1x SIF, 1x EPS, 1x RCS
Sci Consoles: 1x Borg console, 1x Field Generator
Tac Consoles: 3x Phaser Relay
All consoles are blue Mk XI ones or comparable with same stats.

At the moment I'm basicly using the Aegis set. I know this is not actually the best thing out there to be honest, however it is the best I have access to at the moment.

Thoughts on both builts:

Attack Pattern Delta 1
I am not sure if APD is the way to go. I was thinking of replacing it with either Torpedo Spread 2 or maybe Fire at Will 2.
Another thought went to Target Subsystem Engines or maybe even Aux for the Lt. Tac slot.

Emergency Power to Weapons 1
I've been thinking to replace this one with EPtA 1 or EPtE 1. I run rather high weapon energy settings anyways, plus I got plenty of skills to back it up: Red Matter Capacitator (30s), Nadion Invasion, EPS Power Transfer and maybe even a Weapon Battery.

The RCS console is the one I'm not too sure about. Actually I've been thinking to replace it with either another Neutronium Armor or else another EPS or yet another SIF.

Looking forward to some helpful posts. Btw, yes, I am an Engineer character.

Which DOffs can you actually still stack? I read a lot about DOff stacking in other threads, however with the two or three types of DOffs I tried, the game told me I couldn't use more than one DOff of this type.