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Originally Posted by itewk View Post
I could believe that. I thought that [Diplomacy] option had something to do with my current Diplomacy rank. Especially because if your FED there is no optional for the Klingon diplomate but I still got a [Diplomacy] option in the dialog in the conference room.
I Also get the Diplomacy option. It is on the first Dialog box when you speak to them, but if there is no Diplomacy and you select the next highest response (eg, not the bottom) the next dialog shows the response [Mission Complete]. This has nothing to do with Dip rank. The Dip option on the first one does. My eng is Consul and only had one chance at using the Dip options.

Originally Posted by Hevach
HevachDoesn't apply directly to the question, but I haven noticed the Kanaar optional isn't always the same. The first time I eventually got it from the Bajoran temple. Today, I went straight there to save time, and they got offended and told me to leave. I eventually got some from Ambassador Surah instead.
Yes, that sounds right. The person with the Kanar changes.

NPC's that have been found to have Kanar. (so far)
Ferengi Barman
Commander Andrews
Ambassador Surah
Temple Priest (ouside temple)