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im not going to post any fancy pics because im lazy. but i can tell you my skill tree, consoles, bos, doffs, and umm what else is there?

Nebula- U.S.S. Winterfell NCC-985167 (the most important part of any ship is the name)
hull- 33,827
sheilds- 14,205
turn- up to 12.8 degrees a sec.

captain skill tree- i will only list the skill and how many ticks im each box, no particular order.
weapons training 9
energy weapons 3
projectiles 9
manuvers 6
targeting 6
projectile specialization 9

hull repair 7
warp efficiency 6
warp potential 9
engine performance 9
hull plating 5
shield performance 9
aux performance 9

flow capacitors 9
shield emitters 9
power insulators 9
shield systems 6
graviton generators 9
partical generatotrs 9
subspace decompiler 9

medic 3
weapon 9
ps gen. 9
scientist 9
willpower 9

consoles and weapons and gear-
tetryon beam, 2 photon torps front, tetryon beam 1 photon 1 chrono mine rear.

complete maco mk 11 set (engine, shield, deflector), rechargeable shield battery, redmatter (usually a turret or fighter) and the subspace field modulator.

nadeon conversion, neutronium armor, monotanium armor, assimilated console, graviton pulse console, shield field emitter console, partical generator, photon torpedo console, and point defense console.

bo powers-
universal lt sci- hazzard emitter 1, science team 2
lt tactical- tactical team 1, torpedo spread 2
lt commander engineering- eject warp plasma 1, aux to sif 1. emergency power to shields 1
commander science- gravity well 3, charged partical burst 2, trasnfer shields 2, hazzard 1
ensign sci- tractor beam 1

DOFF space powers-
rare shield distribution officer.
very rare projectile weapons officer
2 uncommon maintenance engineers
rare gravimetric scientist

power levels-
weapon- 44/25
shields- 69/50
engines- 53/30
aux- 125/95

am i missing anything?