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02-13-2012, 06:00 PM
Originally Posted by matteo716 View Post
i did actually try the 3 torps in front but it just felt wrong to me not to have a beam in front. i think all the shield strip-stop powers i use with a nice target engine or shields (true they dont knock out the subsystem but less power for them is always good)

before the shockwave console i actually used to use rapid fire transphasic torps to great effect. i miss them
copy, i was actually using chronitons to counter to that proc i dont loose out of the bursty quants, or rapidly firing photons... but more than make up for it when you chron proc someone in a gravwell3. after that i just needed an escort to keep a facing down for a sec or 2...

sometimes it worked well, sometimes not....just like anything in the game i guess.

have fun kill bad guys