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02-13-2012, 05:11 PM
Originally Posted by fallout23 View Post
matteo, didnt you at one time post your cannon dps build? I would be very interested in seeing it again, but cant find it. Do you think you could post it again? Ive been tweaking a recon thats similar to it, and would like to compare the build to someone whos had much more experience running it. Thanx
sure thing dude- i dont remember the skill tree layout off hand but im sure you could figure that part out

the weapons and consoles and gear-
dual beam bank, cannon, torp
2 turrets, torp/mine

borg deflector, borge engine, maco shields

engineering console-
eps relay thingy, armor.

borg console, tacyon beam console (cant remmeber name offhand), shield cap, shockwave torp console.

tactical- point defense console, 2 energy weapon specific consoles.

tactical powers-
high yeild 1, rapid fire 1 tac team 1

science powers-
cpb 3, tachyon beam 3, tss 2x2, shockwave 1, haz 1, tractor 1.

engineering power-
epts 1, aux to sif 1.

umm doffs to taste.