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02-13-2012, 08:44 PM
er... I out-dps most of my entire team in STF with my 'sci' junk ship.

Nebula Refit - Magellan Class

Torpedo Spec : Shield Bypass

No capt points in energy weapons. Full points to flow capacitors, graviton, particle and shield/armor/defense. Torpedo specialization max.

Weapons (in order left-right)
Borg Photon Torp XII , Har'Peng Torp XI, Borg Photon Torp XII
Borg Plasma Torpedo XII, Borg Tricobalt Torp XII, Har'peng Torp XI


Engines and Deflector: Breen Set XI (+30% Kinetic dmg bonus)
Shield: Reman XI (can be switched to any shield you want.. I alternate between reman and omega force)

Tricobalt Torpedo Platform (it adds to the bang)
Subspace Field Modulator
Scorpion Fighters


Engineering- RCS Mk XI , Graviton Pulse Console (gold lockbox item yay!), Assimilated Module
Science: Nadeon Detonator, Field Generator (+35% shield one), and 2 X emitter array or particle generator Mk XI
Tactical: 2X +16% kinetic damage consoles (forget its name)

Boff Powers:

Lt Universal: Tac Team 1, High Yield 2
Lt Tactical: Torp Spread 1 , Torp Spread 2
Lt Cmdr Engineer: Emergency Pwr to Shield 1, Aux to SIF 2, Eject Warp Plasma 1
Cmdr Science: Hazard 1, Tractor Repulsors , Transfer Shield IIII, Gravity Well 3
Ensign Science: Polarize Hull

Of course, purple borg torpedo doff equipped, blue gravity well triple-proc chance doff among others.

Basically its a shield tank with a quick hull repair ability. Torpedo damage from harpengs, gravity well and warp plasma completely bypasses the shield and hits the hull. The Graviton console can make ships stop dead in their tracks and get insane critical hits on them with torpedo volleys.

Basically the forward photons rely on the torpedo spread but their single fire is quite damaging. Rear torps are used for the 'exit' hard bang damage: high yield in plasma followed by a regular tricobalt = nearly 40k damage hit. high yield tricobalt can do 20 to 25k damage(90k crits). Harpeng just autofires. Beauty of it is that if in rear there are a cluster of targets...aka borg spheres caught in grav well, firing spread 2 tricobalts has 3 tricobalt torps flying at them and each hitting for 15k damage...on all targets in range.

Lets just say that when the borg spheres and drones swarm out in STF and head for the gate this setup kills all of them in one pass.

I love this setup.