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02-14-2012, 03:15 AM
Well I basicly sypathise with the OP.

I still really really HATE that stupid backtracking in form of a sensless and badly setup KDF/Fed war, them beeing enemy is HISTORY, no matter what that badly written "path to" thing says.

But other things, the current FEs mentioning of a defeat withing 3 years through the Borg.... thats something I like.

I mean Star Trek turned the Borg into a joke a while ago. Its not STOs fault.... Its was Voyager. The last SFDebris review prety much remindet me of that.

There was a long way from "Best part of both World"s Wolf 359 where a singel Cube erased a whole fleet almost without beeing slowed down to "uniumatrix Zero" where Janeway not just decides to attack a cube... no... she decides to attack the kind of ship the Borg send when a Cube is not enough and start meaning serious business... a tactical cube.... and after the first confrontations its not the Voyager beeing damaged... no the Borg a licking wounds.

The idea of the Borg conqering the Alpha quadrant withing 3 years adds at least a little threat to the Borg the really really need.