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02-14-2012, 04:20 AM
^^ This ^^

Also would it be possible ( not require much coding ) to allow us to designate where on bridge an individual boff would be? Or perhaps better to hard code positions on bridge layouts at least for the department heads selector tab that appears in the duty off function (which I love btw), so that my boff designated as XO is at the XO station; not standing at the helm (standing?!) or wandering back in CIC. My Odyssey has a generic redshirt in the XO chair.

I expect my medical dept head would be in sickbay, perhaps a redshirt could be at helm.

Could we have the crew npc's wandering the corridor match the uniforms we select for our boffs? All the item pieces are in game files. The constitution bridge set does it nicely with period uniforms. Later bridge sets I purchased were not up to that level of finish and detail.

I will say you guys did well on Galor bridge. It is outstanding. I dont mind that it is just the bridge proper. I was a bit concerned they'd stick the Axon bridge (bland thing that it is) in there. Likely Atari would have lol. Note; there is some clipping of feet if you sit in Capt Chair. And again it like other large bridges and ship layouts would really spruce up if the npcs wore the uniforms you design for your boffs.

Thank you