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Originally Posted by Shakkar View Post
I'd like to see STO tackle the transition from where we began to where we're going. Do we ever make peace with the KDF? Do the Iconians ever get dealt with in a satisfactory way? Do we ever find out what happened after some of the storylines? Do we have moral dilemmas to deal with and how does the human and other races deal with these changes? That's the stuff that I think Cosmos and Star Trek can get us to think about.
I think they should split the KDF.
Hear me out.

Make a new second hub for the KDF, and split the empire in civil war.
Half want to side with the Federation against the Borg, and split off under Worf as leader of the empire.

The other half remain loyal to the current Chancellor and the war against the Federation.

You get to pick a side when you finish the early KDF missions.

Both shards have access to the same content, it gives KDF vs KDF PvP more meaning, and it allows us to justify 'peace' with the Klingons.

If/When the Romulans come along, do the same.
Some Romulans want to sue for peace, others are out for blood.