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02-14-2012, 07:10 AM
Originally Posted by ProfessorSTAFF
I really like Star Trek Online but I really dislike the dark, depressing hopelessness that seems to be its most prevalent themes.

Star Trek has always been about hope, and optimism, progress and peace.

When I was playing "Second Wave", an episode that I thought they did a really good job on, I despaired at the admiral saying "The Federation has about 3 years left before we are completely destroyed by the borg!"

THAT IS SO DEPRESSING! 3 years??? Do you know how bad that makes things? That is all but hopeless. That is not humanity reaching out to the stars and evolving to the next level, it is our inevitable doom.

Now, I am not complaining about this one line, but I think it represents what Star Trek Online is thematically all about: we're at war WITH EVERYONE, we're killing and being killed, and we're doomed.

I remember when the game launched and I'd get those missions in nebula where you investigate an empty base. As you read the reports on the terminals, in each every single one, you learn that EVERYONE YOU'VE COME TO RESCUE IS DEAD. This is what eventually was called a "diplomacy" mission. The scientists opened a wormhole to the Delta Quadrant? Dead. The advisors on the Gorn border? Dead. They're all dead, never saved at the end by your team. One group died ina cave-in. How horrible and sad!

I'm not saying we shouldn't fight the borg. I'm not saying we need non-violent missions. Obviously these things should be what the game is about. But I'd like to see more of an emphasis on hope and optimism.

I'm still hoping that the 3800 end up allying themselves with the Federation at the very end of the saga and flying off to fight the borg to help save everyone. I want to see an entire series about Deffera joining the Federation. Throw in attacks and battles, but have the objective be us fighting for unity, not just fighting a hopeless battle to survive.

Does anyone else agree? Again, I am focussing on theme, aesthetic, and feel. I'd like more of this game to feel like Star Trek and not Starship Troopers.
Do keep in mind the Admiral that stated that projection Rightfully Died. I solod the entire jemhadar battlefleet and didn't die. That Admiral was clearly off his meds or hasn't been paying attention cause we've been face rolling the enemy away for 2 years now.
I say the second episode of this series should be leading the ground assault to take back DS9. Cause that battlefleet? It's dead already :p

I hate the at war with -everyone- thing too. That was clearly done so they didn't have to use the same ships throughout the entire level range. Which is stupid cause not a single one of the enemies in this game is a threat anyway. I don't care what it looks like cause I just facerolled it and finished it in one pass. There's only two exceptions to this... Elite STFs where you can get One Shot by tac cubes, and the Jem hadar battlefleet that was loaded with battleships. I had to several pass them because they have them all tac cube (kerrat tac cube) levels of hp.

I'll agree we need more non violent missions in this game but I'm going to throw in a caveat here and it's an important one. Because this one directly affects pvp. The violent missions need to be harder. Give the enemy ships more abilities, stop running their weapons power at 50, and force people to build better ships.. PvE is such a farce that any impact the story's writing has is completely negated by how mind numbingly easy it is. The ease of difficulty (even on Elite) is so pathetic that it encourages people to fly ships that are frankly unviable, they then take these horrible ships to pvp and get blown away in seconds flat, then pronounce all pvpers as hackers, exploiters and any number of insults there after.