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What will Cryptic Studio’s and/or Perfect World Entertainment do with all the money they are making from their in game cash grabs?

I think, that they have just made a ton of money with the lock box grabs recently, given all the spam messages I see hours on end every day that I log into the game. Yep, even we subscribers see these awful advertisements… go figure, paying customers are being bothered by spam too… anyway…

Since they are making all of this money, which is obvious through the advertisements of winning the grab bag Galor’s, what do you want to see for your cash?


Ship Additions: Federation:
-T4 Ambassador Class (Science exploration Cruiser) Free
-T3 Constellation Class (Cruiser +1) C-Store Item
-T5 Akara Class “Heavy (Escort) Free
-T5 Andorian Battleship (Escort) C-Store Item

-Continue balance tweaks! Tweaks! Not Huge overbearing changes.
-Optional open PVP Patrol Missions along border systems
-Optional open PVP for Deep Space encounters
-Optional open PVP for Sector Space

-Love on the Klingons some more please!
-Continued improvements on missions and episodes already in game
-More RED ALERTS and more Distress call type missions spread throughout all Sector Space! In fact, make these randomly generated missions much like the exploration missions are randomized!! It would be neat to get a few random distress call missions that I can choose to do or ignore more regularly.

In game Bridge Officer Abilities:
-More T1 options that do not share cool-downs across the board!
-Removal of limitations to use Bridge officer T2, T3 & T4 Skills on lower Tier Starships! Keep the trend however with limitations based on ship configuration/type “Science, Tactical, Engineer”