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02-14-2012, 07:39 AM
Originally Posted by attilio View Post
The money they make doesn't affect the content they create. What they will do with the money is pay bills, pay employees, hire voice actors for future missions, and things like that.

Not that I don't disagree with the content you've asked for though, I'm just saying the money won't necessarily make them happen lol
I figured at first, that more funds directly equal more content.

If the game is profitable, it is logical to conclude that they will want to keep us around to make even more money. Now, as to the quality of the content, thus far it has proved very little work can earn them high rewards with this stupid grab bag content. Therefore, I suspect the content I posted above is now even further off as it requires time and investment, which means less profit to the company.

Now I figure that the more funds for cheap content will directly result in even more cheap content, which is not what the community to some portion and degree want. Therefore, until a boycott of the cheap content is put in place by the community for real results, no further real investment in the game is logically to be expected.

I think when I sign online tomorrow night, I’m going to try and buy the market of lock boxes out, then have a ceremonial burning of the lock boxes. Maybe we can broadcast it on the zonechat that another lock box has been burned… that might get the message across. Muahaha!

Anyway, Cheers to remaining optimistic that these added funds will mean some new improvements to the gameplay. In the words of Dr. McCoy, “Dam good stuff that Romulan Ale!”