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02-14-2012, 08:52 AM
I like that a lot, although if you're going to ignore the Javelin, it may be worth throwing Polaron in there for the -25 power proc, it's relatively useless in itself (to the point where they're considered lolaron), but in conjunction with a drain build like that it just might tip things over the edge. I'm hoping to aquire the Nausicaan ships via dilithium to roll a Nausicaan engineer, this seems like a pretty intresting use of the consoles.

The only change I'd deffinitely make is swapping TSS2 for HE2, since aside from Miracle Worker you haven't got a hull heal unless you put one in the floater, and I found RSP1 indispensible in the Fleet Escort which has the same loadout bof slot wise. I also chained TT, weapons buffs and EPTS1 in that and found it very tanky.

I was worried at the lack of (my) usual engineering consoles in that build, but the lack of EPS console would be mitigated by the plasmonic leech, the lack of RCS console by the extra raw power on tap, but I'd still miss neutronium armour console if shields went down. I'd perhaps experiment with having one of the universal consoles instead of a weapons one and taking neutronium armour.