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Ok, first off a disclaimer: this is an attempt to turn it into an Escort for STFs (since due to timezones I have to pug, and catching a heal from a buddy is rare), not fulfil the usual "you're a cruiser so heal him please" roll, and is designed (selfishly) with tactical captains in mind. And yes, I know there are BoPs, I have and love one. There is the Raptor, but I dislike it and can't make it work for me, and the Garumba is something I'm saving for when I roll a Nausicaan engineer.

Ok, the build:

Lt Tactical: TT 1, CRF 1
Ens Tactical: TT 1
Cmdr Engineering: EPTS 1, AUX2ID 1, DEM 2, RSP 3 (Ideally will be RSP 2, DEM 3*)
Lt Cmdr Engineering: EPTS 1, AUX2ID 1, DEM 2
Lt Sci: ST1, HE2

Front weapons: 3xDHC, 1 Hargh Peng Launcher
Aft weapons: 3xturret, 1 Hargh Peng Launcher
Borg engine and deflector, Honor Guard shield

Devices: Subspace field modulator, aux batteries, engine batteries.
Engineering consoles: Neutronium x 2, EPS, RCS (ideally will swap EPS for plasmonic leech and a neutronium for the Theta Radiation one when possible)
Science consoles: Borg, +25% cap
Tactical: Disruptor consoles

The basic idea is to chain TT1, EPTS1, DEM2 and AUX2ID1, it moves about very nicely (no trouble keeping things in firing arc), and takes a lot of punishment, and can put down a decent ammount of firepower. It's a fantastic build for PVE, and was more than up to the task of messing about in Ker'rat to the point where it could tank two or three people and bring them down one at a time, this sort of "tough but can shoot stuff" build is also good for C&H, but I've yet to test in Arena, thought I'd get some opinions first. I also found allowing damage to occur, then hitting RSP and going to shield tanking again allowed me to get way more milage than I normally do from "Go Down Fighting".


*Regarding DEM 3, is it something that can be had from a bof, or is it trainable only by engineer captains?