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02-14-2012, 09:54 AM
Originally Posted by Pollywog View Post
I was playing as a KDF once and after interrogating the captain of a captured Starfleet ship, one of my officers killed the UNARMED man. I was shocked and could not believe it. I thought KDF officers were supposed to be honorable.

Something like that makes one think and thinking is a good thing.
Did you reprimand or delete the offending officer whom fired on a game mechanics whim when a target was put before it?

Me, I killed the cowardly captain myself and then destroyed his ship as it would have given him honor to die a hero and defy my desire to have the codes instead of crumbling like a targ in heat under a few persuasive disruptor shots. That choice was mine.
Unlike the following the suspiciuos order of a Star Fleet Admiral and massacering romulan civilians becuase one was ordered too do so in the line of duty.
Now that makes one think....

Originally Posted by Mavairo
I'll agree we need more non violent missions in this game but I'm going to throw in a caveat here and it's an important one. Because this one directly affects pvp. The violent missions need to be harder. Give the enemy ships more abilities, stop running their weapons power at 50, and force people to build better ships.. PvE is such a farce that any impact the story's writing has is completely negated by how mind numbingly easy it is. The ease of difficulty (even on Elite) is so pathetic that it encourages people to fly ships that are frankly unviable, they then take these horrible ships to pvp and get blown away in seconds flat, then pronounce all pvpers as hackers, exploiters and any number of insults there after.
I agree completely. The federation gameplay needs more missions that reflect thier ideology and offer options to completion of said missions along those lines.
The PvE combat diffently needs to be enhanced to be challenging beyond just more HP and damage.

As well players must expect PvE missions that reflect the faction they are playing and not assume that becuase the feds may stop and ask first before shooting that the KDF will as well or that the Romulans would not take an interily different approach. STO may be a single game but it is represented several differeing views on how things should be done. Its time the game reflects that more not less.