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02-14-2012, 10:25 AM
Originally Posted by Scoaler
I don't believe "Star Trek" means the same to you as it does to me. It seems you have an emphasis on The Next Generation or The Original Series of Star Trek, and Teflon Star Trek is not the only Trek out there.
Um, TOS was not "Teflon Star Trek ", I mean they had Kirk turn a prewarp planet into Vietnam 2.0 for pete's sake. Heck I like DS9 becuase it was more like TOS.

Originally Posted by VangarVega
The whole war setup is ridiculous, plus the inconsisteny in said "war" which is *permanently* set aside to ally against a bazillion bigger foes really makes the whole "Fed-Kling war" obsolete.

I'm not against the darker tones of Star Trek, DS9 being my favourite. But I don't like the bending and bashing on the established Star Trek canon just to make more bugs out of c-store-pew-pew things.
I would have perfered a Cold War set up with the klingons myself.

Originally Posted by aestu
Consider Starfleet Command - it was set during the 2260s, in a time period similar to STO - after TOS but before TNG and Undiscovered Country - when the galaxy was in a state of chaos.
This is one of the reasons why my 2409 Fed alt. is Kirk-like.