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02-14-2012, 11:11 AM
Originally Posted by Vexiom
Feds have three ship types - Escorts, Cruisers, and Sci Vessels. Klingons have access to direct equivalents of all of them. In addition, they also have:

Flight Deck Cruisers

Other Klingon unique options:
Battle Cloaks

Unique options Feds have which Klingons do not:
Multi-Vector (Which is a console, so doesn't really count, since all +1 ships have unique consoles)
The FDC is a beefy Assault cruiser with 250 more shields, a slightly higher impulse modifier but minus the Ensign tac for a Ensign Science and one less tactical console slot. Its fun and good under a good build but hardly the defining advanatge ofteh Empire. Its basically a carrier (due to the maurauding force console) and a battle Cruiser hybrid.
Battle cloaks are only on the BoPs (which suffer for them in drawbacks of being squishy) and can be emultaed by the MVAM in all respects (if not better in some ) than the BoP without having a battle cloak as an option.

While we do not need a MVAM design on the KDF (imo), the feds are hardly left in the cold on thier vessel designs and they even have hybrids of thier own to use.