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02-14-2012, 11:14 AM
I'm honestly not sure what sort of build would be considered the "best", but my main is a Joined Trill Tactical Officer and I can give you a run down on how my main character is built. My build's focus has been on increasing ship damage and durability.

Ship: U.S.S. Tiamat, a Multi-vector Advanced Escort. The reason I went with this ship is for the "swarm" factor. When you separate, your damage output gets a nice boost thanks to your other two sub-ships firepower.
Fore weapons: 2 sets of Disruptor dual cannons, quantum torpedo launcher, dual tetryon beam bank.
Aft weapons: 3 tetryon turrets.

Reason: In an escort, you really only have three viable attack strategies since you're not durable enough to broadside - Strafing your opponent, parking or luring (fighting while flying backwards). With this load out, if I'm facing you everything I have is continuously firing on you. If you force me to strafe, you get front loaded with everything I have and as I pull away the turrets are still firing. Best part about it: It melts shields in seconds.

Key bridge officer skills to help you survive: Tactical Team and Reverse Shield Polarity

As far as my character skills go, I simply maxed everything in the tactical tree accept for stealth and threat control (spent ZERO points in either of those). The rest of my points I spent where ever I thought they might be useful.

As a side note: I've tried cruisers, and even the high rank ones leave me feeling gimped. As a result, I've steered completely away from trying a science vessel and "embraced my roll" so to speak. As a tactical officer, both planet side and in space, it's your job to deal damage - not just "some damage" or "OK damage" like a cruiser can output - A TON of damage. Your best best for achieving that will be a properly outfitted escort stacked with tactical bridge officers that further amplify it's ability to do what it does best: Lots of damage.