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02-14-2012, 11:37 AM
No complaints, no arguements... Everyone has their opinions about what they want. As grand as the Star Trek vision is, there are ALWAYS going to be people out there that want to destroy it. Earth may one day achieve a "Utopian Society" But what happens when the Borg stop by and pull an Alderaan?

I don't want to get into a socio-political debate. But no matter what the outcome of society, you are ALWAYS going to have aggressors, you are ALWAYS going to need people willing to fight, and kill and die to protect what they have. One day your country has peace, another is going to come along and spill your milk. Soon the planet will be at peace, only a matter of time before another planet comes and stomps on your flower bed.

That is the nature of the universe.

from MY point of view as far as the game is concerned, I didn't sign on to play Farmville, I don't want to head out picking Tulaberries with Klingons, and I don't want to invite the Borg over for tea and biscuits while we watch the "Man U vs The Collective" match. Yes there is a lot of killing and blowing things up in STO, because it's not "Peace Online" it's about ACHIEVING that peace.

For the record, I DO do my share of diplomacy

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