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02-14-2012, 02:48 PM
Battle Cloaks (Which is a +1 power like excelsior transwarp,)
This is false. Battle Cloaks are available on non-C-store ships, hence not a +1 power. Furthermore, comparing combat abilities to non-combat abilities is pretty lame.

Mission Content greater then 8 Missions
Uniform opitions both c-store and in game. Aka ambassador Uniform
Off duty outfits
non doff maurder missions
several starbase in several sectors compare to accaess to two.
Customization skins for ship. Most KDF ships have zero choses, the few that do have no opition other then selecting a different skin.
Saucer separation
Transwarp ship to different sectors. AKA Excelsior class
Wow, another barge load of non-combat junk. In fact, the only item in your entire list that is semi-valid is Saucer Separation, which is actually a +1 console ability.

And why are you listing flight deck cruiser twice the maurder is flight deck cruiser.
Sorry for the confusion. I meant "Raider".