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02-14-2012, 04:21 PM
Originally Posted by KineticImpulser
And my nine-year old thought RogueEnterprise's "First Cause, Then Effect" was the Coolest. Thing. EVAR! He played it first and told me I had to try it. You blow up my ship ON PURPOSE. Genius.
I really liked that one...just played it today and honestly it's only the third Foundry mission I've tried but it was polished. I didn't see any blatant typos, or godawful dialogue, or any problems, really.

The other two - which I won't name - were full of superfluous dialogue that was badly in need of an editor and numerous bugs despite being among the highest-rated missions out there.

FCTE felt professionally-done. I used to beta-test lots of community missions for Operation Flashpoint and I found that's where most fell flat...not that the mission itself was bad, but that it lacked polish to the point where you knew you were beta-testing something made by a fan and it hurt the immersion.