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02-15-2012, 04:26 AM
I think the idea is that over "time" (since time doesn't really pass in STO, I mean over the course of the pve missions) Klingons and the Federation start cooperating and fighting less. Both can see that there are much bigger threats than each other, like the Undine, Borg, Dominion and Iconians. Once more storyline missions are added, I think its pretty likely that the Khitomer Accords will be signed for the third time.

Some MMOs, after unning for a few years, advance the storyline to keep up. Probably wishful thinking, but I could see Cryptic waiting until the third anniversary, and then advancing the year to 2412, with new sets of missions to complete. If they ever revamp leveling, they left plenty of loose threads hanging. I could see them opening up a Dominion Front, Iconian Front (or Iconian FE) and expanding the Borg/Undine front with more storyline content.

As I said, wishful thinking. We'll probably get a Borg Cube in a lock box before a storyline revamp.