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Originally Posted by hevach View Post

Some more speculation: The Romulan's conspicuous absence from the discussion. I have three theories on this:

A. The Romulans are now persona non grata with the other factions. They've stepped over the line with their cavalier use of genocide as a diplomatic tool, and everyone else just considers them too risky to work with.
B. There's no longer anyone to actually deal with - Taris is rotting in a Federation prison, Donatra is dead, Sela is MIA, and Obisek is a terrorist. He has little military power to lend to the operation, terrorism won't work against the Borg, and despite cooperating with Starfleet and the KDF, neither faction may want to publicly acknowledge their relationship with a terrorist.
Alternate version of B: There's so many people to deal with, none of whom have full control of the RSE, that dealing with any one alienates their enemies, meaning in the end there's nobody worth dealing with.
C. They declined to participate, expecting the Iconians to protect them from any Borg threat.

I also highly doubt they'll ever get involved in another Dominion conflict, especially a short lived one, for all those same reasons.
Well that is a little odd.
My Theories is that the Romulans have no Fleet of significance that is not involved and needet in their internal struggles.
But I admit that goes for the Cardassians, too.
But it seems to me that this conference was a little focussed on the defense of the Deferi worlds. The Romulan forces are all prety much in the opposite corner of the Galaxie, while the Cardassians have direct access to their space, thats why the Cardassian role may be a little bigger.

Also... I dont know... that conference seemed to me a little small in general... for... you know... a conference...
I mean... the Khitomer conference seemed a little... bigger