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02-15-2012, 07:30 AM
Originally Posted by Mavairo
Gladly. Do you want my Recon? (either sci or tac one) or should I roll my rarely used MVAM just for that raw pain and cpb2?
Oh, I was thinking pure, 5 sci captains in sci ships, spamming CC to the point where clients are crashing. GW's, PSW's, CPB's, SS's, TB's and the heals and resists to back it up. Beamboats spamming BTS and FAW, Torp boats spamming TS, chroniton mines, basically, the whole 9 yards.

Actually, I have a 5 sci team build raging through my brain, gonna put it down on paper.

o the OP, the most important thing you can do to help out with VA PvP is make friends. Start flying with them whenever possible. Learn how to coordinate, when you do this, you'll find a place on a team or have one of your own going. Good sci captains are not as common as you might think and are sought out by many. This is a team-based game, PUGging can be fun, but in the end teamwork is the most OP skill in the game.