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02-15-2012, 08:19 AM
Originally Posted by castmodean View Post
here is an option to consider.
if you do not make the interact/converse portion part of the mission tree, you can repeat the interaction pretty much forever.

My suggest, have something say, consult this databank/source for information, but again dont make it a mission objective.

Set the npc/console dialog using the use default dialog checkmark(located at the very bottom of the contact information) write your dialog to your hearts content.

This should work as a constant interactable object from then on.
Yeah, I looked at this as well, but if I remember correctly, the objects don't have the Default Dialog option, only NPCs. I suppose I could change it so that an NPC gives out all these details of a file, but it would make more sense to have the player look at the files at a terminal.