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02-15-2012, 10:14 AM
Originally Posted by Militis View Post
Wasn't the marauder based on the Star Cruiser? I'm fairly certain when it first went for testing on Tribble it still had all the Fed Transwarp abilities from the SC (which led to the KDF players killing all the NPCs on ESD, again) as it was pretty much a copy and paste. As far as I could tell, which was admittedly some time ago, it was all but identical in the base stats to the SC with only the recent hangar changes making it different.
My apoligies. You are correct. It is the Star Cruiser.
I still do not find the FDC to be so unique as to constitute a KDF advantage and I still do not think we KDF need a MVA vessel.
Unlike the feds I care not for thier toys and wish to enjoy what we KDF already have to enjoy.
The fed faction has plenty of options in game play and vessels that falls very well into the ideology of how they operate and I still see cries for carriers, battle cloaks and other otherwise non-fed concpets as nothing more than "toy" envy.
I know that you do not carry such childish envy, but far too many of your fed brethren certainly seem to hold different views.