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02-15-2012, 01:20 PM
Originally Posted by martinbrayman View Post
anyway back on topic we really need this I'm sure it would only take a dev 10 - 15mins to do at most. they could even make it optional.
What I find very frustrating is the complete lack of any action on Cryptic's part regarding this now two year old issue. I've sent tickets, tried to contact support at Cryptic and as of today not heard a singe reply from anyone assoicated with the game.

I had hoped posting yet another thread on the matter would *jar* or *snap* oh say Bran Flakes or SOMEONE that this issue still exist and effects many customers. Oddly Cryptic seems not to care at all that this issue effects game play and our enjoyment of the game they want us to keep paying them money to play.

I mean is asking for some help from SOMEONE, ANYONE at Cryptic on this matter just a waste of time? What would I or anyone else having this issue have to do in order to get some assistance, hell even acknowledgment the problem exist and needs to be addressed? I guess as I have now seen for over two years now the answer is a simple WE DON'T CARE and can't be bothered to acknowledge or even address the matter.

IMO this is a sad example of the customer support I have experienced in this game. I'd say Bravo Cryptic staff, but then I'd just be acting like a smart ***. Because this is in fact a complete failure to be responsive to customer feedback and reply to direct and repeated request for assistance. Add to that the fact that nobody on the staff can be bothered to even address this thread (while so many others that have nothing to do with game play experience or issues) do get noticed and commented upon by staff and it comes down to the old internet cliche; FAIL.

Thanks Cryptic for ignoring all my request for help, my support tickets and the threads I have started about this more than once for over two solid years. Oh and all the other people who have had the same issue, what customer service you supply!