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02-15-2012, 01:32 PM
Originally Posted by BIG-BEAR
Hush dont give them that idea. I agree the pointer size does need to be addressed. Personally I likee dna dstill do the one from the closed and open beta.
Come to think of it, that would not surprise me one bit. I can completely see them trying to charge us to *fix* the tiny cursor issue, maybe that was the plan all along? Nah, or they would have already been charging for it! No this one just comes down to complete fail on their part with a healthy dose of ineffective indifference.

I fully expect that this will amount to nothing but me venting on a TWO YEAR OLD PROBLEM and nothing more. I can probably come back in a year, file new support request and tickets, get a petition signed by a thousand players with the same problem , mail it certified to Cryptic, post a request to staff on the forum in ALL CAPS and in BOLD RED and get the same amount of attention and assistance, hell even acknowledgment as I have over the last two years. NONE.