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02-15-2012, 02:32 PM
The K'tinga/Koro''t'inga is indeed an iconic ship

There are several build stratagies to this ship. I prefer using it as a pure gun ship myself as it has the power to pull this off.

I suggest all dual cannon forward , and justregular dual cannon, not dual heavys. They draw slightly less power allowing you to keep your peak damage up.. Mount turrets aft. Do not bother with Torpedo's They will give you burst damage but the burst damage of a torpedo is more then made up for by the mounting of an additional cannon mount. If you insist on mounting a trorpedo the I strongly suggest that you mount forward one torpedo, one dual heavy cannon, and two single cannon. The reason for the single cannon is thier 180 firing arc. You will need to keep fire on targets longer to bring shields down in a reasonable amount of time to be able to put the torpedo to good use.

Now I can hear the argulemnt allready and let me state it so I can give you the counter argument and get it done with. "But If I mount 3 Dual heavy Cannons forward wont I cause sufficient burst damage to crack the shields for the Torpedo?" The answer is.. You might against an AI ship but tis unlikely against a player operated ship. AGainst another player what appears strong on paper sin't as strong as it seems. A player ship is NOT going to cooperate with you by politly keeping the same shield facing toward you at all times and refraining from using Tactical team, emergency power to shields, and science team to keep thier shields up. Torpedo's are wonderfull weapons, But I personally prefer a consistant ability to put fire on the target over the long term. Your not an escort, but the Tier 3 KDF Battle crusier has better damage then any other tier 3 ship availible due to the very simple fact of it having excellent manuverability and 4 forward weapon mounts.

Mount one, possiblt 2 RCS modules and some armor in the engineering device slots, a sield strength console in the science slots, and consoles to enhance your weapons in the Tac slots.

Your senior most BOFF is an engineer so be ceratin to give that officer Eject Warp Plasma as thier LtC power.. and you might consider giving yourself a tractor beam ability also.. Build your ship to control the fight. If your control the fight you win. Its that simple. Craft your build to fight your fight and prevent the opposition from fightinh thier fight.

Hope this helps

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