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02-15-2012, 01:33 PM
I've been begging and pleading for this bridge interior since my Captain level Defiant.

Honestly, for 1800 points this is an amazing deal. That shuttle is akin to the Delta Flyer and the Fighters which are what, 400 points by themselves?

I'd drop 20 bucks on this bundle in a heart beat, but after the polish wears off I have to ask myself.... why? Will this enhance my game-play experience in any way shape or form? Probably. But besides this new FE... what else is there to do? Go replay the same old missions that I've done X amount of times over two years? Hit up STFs?

This is a great deal, and I envy the new folks coming into the game for the first time. I dunno, yet. I'll probably end up getting it but I'm likely going to regret it.