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02-15-2012, 01:38 PM
$22.50? Whew... Dang. That's a pretty penny. But then there's a whole lotta awesome in there, and I haven't purchased anything in a while and since I'm >Magnificent LTS I'm being paid to play for free... Yeah... I'll buy this.

Originally Posted by CL0815
big question that remains is...will that bundle be an accountwide unlock? or do we have to buy it for each char seperately to get those DOffs? cause all i see that is accountwide is the shuttle
There is no big question about the accountwide-y-ness. From the article itself:

Note: Unlocking this bundle unlocks these items for all Federation characters on an account. Klingon Empire characters on the account may claim the Duty Officers, the Bajoran Pistol and the Bajoran Phaser Rifle.