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02-15-2012, 01:53 PM
I have no idea.. maybe we'll see something more next week about it. But right now the KDF flagship is a joke and I am not sure thaat with out some serious re-imagining taht its going to be all that much inproved even with the hard coded BOP pet. (wwhich I am hoping with be handled like the SCI pet of the vulcan D'kyr science ship. They still haven't made up thier minds about what they're going to do with the C-Store Odyssey. But its certainly sounds like it going to be a VERY powerfull ship,

Consdiering how nerfed the cloak ability is on the Bortas they can just keep the damd cloak off the ship and give the ship a better turn mode so it at least ACTS like a KDF battle cruiser. Right now it has the absolutly worst turn mode in the game when factoring in its other lackings and with nothing to make up for it. It's got a crippled cloak thats just an accident waiting to happen to some KDF player that has no idea that everyone and thier mother can see them approching from over twice thier weapons range.

The current stock Tier 5 Bortas is a three legged targe, blind in one eye with a broken jaw. it is an unsafe ship to take into battle. It is crippled in its manuverability and its cloak is less then useless. Its console and bridge officer layout has no saving graces to speak of. It is weak, and it is pathetic.

My fed character has been able to craft a viable build for the stock T-5 Odyssey that is both capable and deadly and even with the Odyssey's less then steller turn mode is still more capable then any other stock Federation tier 5 cruiser with the single acception of the Excelsior refit which has better manuverability but a slightly weaker hull and a less capable BOFF and Console layout.