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02-15-2012, 06:02 PM
You really shouldn't mix damage types, you're doing yourself a disservice. By focusing on 1 damage time you can maximize your tactical console slots & get the most from the +damage consoles, increasing your DPS. On that note, Antiproton is the current best due to it's flat DPS boost across the board. Tetryon is good if you're looking to take down shields quicker & is my current fave. Both look very cool.

Why the dual beam bank? It's less damage than dual heavies and by not focusing on cannons you may be wasting Boff powers if you've got any beam powers.

But Tactical Team + shield heal = awesome. I run with 2 tac team I, 2 EPtS & transfer shield for sci. I can blow stuff up reaaaaal good & will survive doing it.

Cruisers + tactical don't mix too well. Without the manuverability escorts have you can't get the firing arc you need for the heavy weapons. Beams are good, but lack the punch you get with dual heavies.

Personally I use Advanced Escort (no C points for MVAM yet, god i wants though)
Currently triple dual heavy disruptors (i just came back from 2 yrs inactive, disruptors used to be the flavor of the month lol. Switching to tets atm) & a quantum launcher. Aft is 3 disruptor turrets. Same general skills as Hellcaller.

Read through this:
LOT of good tips here -