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02-15-2012, 07:26 PM
Originally Posted by Nick_Riker
As I said, wishful thinking. We'll probably get a Borg Cube in a lock box before a storyline revamp.
ha ha ha
Don't give them ideas. I'd throw money at that, at least for a little bit. The ridiculousness alone is great.

All kidding aside, the storyline missions seem to find ways to point out that forces are pulling the strings to motivate the KDF/Fed war, making them the current focus. Though it's also true that the Dominion was a large enough threat to pull even the Romulans into working with the Federation and Klingons, so them coming back definitely puts a hold on it.

Another take on it may be to consider PvP the real emphasis of the ongoing conflict with PvE as the times when the factions are forced to cooperate for the greater good of the quadrant.