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02-15-2012, 08:59 PM
I'm a recent return to STO, so I don't have as much experience with the system as others.

However, in my opinion, crafting is really only worthwhile until Captain level, and for me has only been a way to outfit my alts with "starter" and "mid-level" gear.

Tying dilithium into the crafting system is a bad choice on the game's part, I think, because there are already piles of dilithium sinks. Also, IMHO, the pricing in terms of Uncommon and Common Unreplicatable materials is extremely high to the point of completely dissuading me from even bothering. Yes, you can craft during the event, but they seem to be placed at wonderful times like 6am, 2am, or 3pm (my time zone, of course). Even then, 20% is a large discount compared to the whole, but you will still be grinding a LOT of dilithium just to craft one nice item.

You can buy unreplicatable materials on the EC; Uncommon Unreplicatables tend to go for about 80k (with some fluctuation). Considering some of the cheapest items require 18, you can quickly do the math and realize that crafting isn't exactly an easy way to get gear.

Keep up on your story missions, and at 46 or whatever, start the Breen line. Get that set as starter gear. Then once you hit cap, start doing normal STFs - its far more convenient and easier. You can easily save up enough to get the borg set, then start working on the MACO or Omega Force sets. Along the way you will pick up some tokens that simply GIVE you an item from a set, though that is rarer. Plus, at the end of the STF you get dilithium and some non-set drops that you might be able to upgrade with.

All in all, I think the game should divorce dilithium from crafting somehow; perhaps by creating a new rare resource that can only be gained through gathering (and maybe critical successes on certain DOFF missions).

Sadly, I do not think that will happen, because it would not be a blatant cash influx.