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Originally Posted by Shook-Yang

So, in combat space, does hovering the mouse over the weapons (to show actual DPS) have any merit?

I did some STF missions last night, and kept switching between a mk XI [borg] quantum torpedo and mk XII [borg] DHC. To me, it looks like the DPS for the 4th DHC does not go below 700. Where as, my quantum torpedo's DPS is below 500. I should note that I have none of my skill points in projectile weapons, and these numbers are prebuffed. If I use some buffs (AP:A, AP:O, Tactical Team, Fire On My Mark), the lowest DPS my cannons will go is 1800+, versus the 800+ DPS of the quantum torpedo.

What is THY?

And what are your thoughts on all beam array ships?
DPS Pop-up

Well, hovering over the weapon will show its rated DPS, but the actual DPS you'll achieve will always be lower than that amount. Even with one weapon there's a slight delay between one firing cycle and the next, so you'll never achieve the number shown there.

Hovering over can sort of show you how two different weapons do different damage, but once you take into account energy drain and everything else, your results will be much different (lower) than the rated DPS. I'd actually say it's not really very useful overall.


The DPS of the torpedo weapons isn't really relevant because they aren't meant to be fired constantly. They do a lot of damage when they fire, but fire very slowly. And also they lose a lot of their damage against shields so it's really a waste to use them when shields are up.

What they do is provide a big hit once shields go down. One big hit can outright destroy some vessels, or at least significantly take their hull down before they have a chance to get their shields back up again.

THY stands for Torpedo High Yield which is a torpedo skill that basically serves to multiply the damage of a single torpedo. THY3 basically makes the torpedo do three times as much damage.

All Beams

It really comes down to personal preference. With a high enough weapon power it can theoretically be worth using 8 beams, but the increase in damage from the last two beam arrays is pretty small (see the charts back on the first page of this thread).

Personally I think it's worth giving up two beams to have a torpedo launcher in the front and rear. However, if you find you're never using the launchers (especially the rear one) then it might be better to go with an extra beam array.

But if we're talking about an escort, then I don't recommend using beams at all. On an escort you should always use frontal arc weapons (dual cannons or dual heavy cannons) in the front. If you're not using dual cannons there's no real reason to be playing in an escort.

But this is another reason why having a torpedo is good. What you do is make an attack run with the escort, get the shields down, and then unload with a barrage of high yield torpedoes into the exposed hull. If you have a front and rear torpedo launcher you can shoot a THY from the front and then turn and shoot another torpedo from the rear immediately.

Then move off and make another run if the enemy is still alive.