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02-16-2012, 12:16 AM
Indeed a surprising overreaction on Hak's part. Welcome to the internet dude. Anyway, Hak, I hope you get over it and come back some day. You might have been an arrogant ****** at times, but you were usually right and some of us appreciated you.

Respect dude.

PS. Dunno if you'll see this at all, but I'm a Brit, living in Athens, Greece (yes, interesting times), and I'm guessing you know the story of Alkyone (or Alcyone as you spell it). Anyway, my newborn daughter has been named Alkyoni (in Greek, and of course Halycon in English), this happened before I even joined the forums, so I can't say it was after your captain (it was in fact after a Greek author), but I always smiled when I saw your sig.

Come back soon man.