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02-16-2012, 01:02 AM
The above does tend to work well, although that said, I did find a high yield plasma could work on occasion, but that said, in retrospect all DHC up front would be better.

If I had a Koro'tinga, I'd do the following:
4xDHC, 2xturrets
Breen Deflector
Breen Impulse Engine
Reman covariant shield
Devices: Aux battery, subspace field modulator, engine battery
Engineering Consoles: RCS Accelerator, EPS console (one or the other should be doubled up, probably the EPS to mitigate weapon drain)
Science Consoles: Magnometric Generator, Field modulator thing (the one that helps shield heals)
Tactical Consoles: Energy weapon consoles for whichever type you used (I preferd disruptor)

Lt Tactical: TT1, CRF1
Lt Cmdr Engineering: EPTS1, Aux2ID1, RSP2
Lt Engineering: EPTS1, Aux2ID1
Lt Sci: TSS1, HE2

Between EPTS1 being chained constantly, and TT1, and saving RSP for an "oh crap" button you should generally be able to keep your shields up. This frees up HE and TSS for team mates. Aux2ID being run *almost* back to back allows you to throw the ship around like an escort, reduces the effect of warp plasma and tractor beams, and also reduces kinetic damage. All in all, it will be truly deadly.

I forget in which ways the K'tinga difers, but it should be easy to use a similar build with it.