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02-16-2012, 04:22 AM
since you know your going to encounter plasma, in the stf you might as well slot 2 anti plasma/tetryon armor consoles. if you get hit by a borg torpedo with shields down you basically dead if you have armor for it or not, plus its sort of rare not to have just enough shields.

you might not need 2 TT1, if you flew a negvar you could get an ET 1, i see you don't have any of those.

for any dps focused cruiser, i have a really hard time leaving space dock with out 2 EPtW1 and 2 EPtS2. or when i have 3 engineering ensigns like with the negvar, excelsior or galaxy 2 EPtW1, 1 EPtS1 and 1 EPtS2. with those ships theres room for an rsp 1 plus 1 or 2 LTC stations and the COM station.

not convinced AtD is necessary or that useful. its not enough to make even a vorcha terribly viable with duel cannons in pvp against anything but other cruisers, and npcs generally arent going to out maneuver you that often.