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02-16-2012, 06:14 AM
I would have rather prefered they left off the pets and the Hangar bays and focused on amking the BortaS a warship, a battleship in fact. Tanky and heavy in firepower capability.
The Spinal disruptor would be a start and a putting the Universal Ensign BOff slot back is a good follow up but the Bortie needs something more unique than fed replication. It needs that Klingon, pride of the fleet feel and function to it.
I would like it to have extra Armor/ Alloy slots or some built in simple Turrets that do not count against its 4/4 weapon loadout, or possible just an inherent damage resistance modifier to ALL damage to represent the thick armor it must have to give it the slow turn rate that it posseses.
Or possible some new armor consoles that are only availible on it at T5.

Ablative Nuetronium alloy mkX
Rare ship engineering console
Battle Cruiser, Carriers, Support Vessels
+16 kinetic damage resistance
+16 All damage resistance
+ 28 Phaser damage resistance
+28 Disruptor damage resistance
+28 Plasma damage resistance

Bio-Nueral Tactical Defense system mkX (x2 fore/x2 aft)
360 degree firing arc - 7km range
Accuracy +15%
damage 60 (90 dps)