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02-16-2012, 08:52 AM
Good food for thought. I, too, am finding a torp rather ineffective even against AI at times. It may help in the initial salvo once you bombard the forward shields, but the Remen ships I'm fighting now (mogai, I think?) have a nasty habit of dumping power to shields the second they drop. it's a real pain because the torpedoes, even if timed right, impact on shields rather than hull.

I've gone the 2-rear turret route and it's okay, but late I am finding my better rear compliment is a Mk.V or Mk.VI quantum mine. Because sometimes you can't take a ship out in the head-on, and you're dealing with multiple baddies, and you just get reamed.

Those mines can really make a difference, especially if the ship hitting you is severely weakened by your initial attack.

So I'll have a plasma turret doing around 70-80 dmg and then the mines.

I have 3 VII-level (give or take) DHC plasma guns and a good torp up front. I've been wondering about the lesser cannons (singles, etc) and I think I will try out your suggestion. I think what hurts this ship most is the lack of device slots. I got the red matter and the subspace field item that reduces damage.

I do have RCS and a sheild console as well. I'm always on the look out for a deflector array that has a good booster as well.

I just wish I could install a battle cloak as well!