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02-16-2012, 09:53 AM
Originally Posted by certo View Post
I'm with ya roach but how about mx12 instead!
It will most likely never happen ( though I would gladly spend the money on ithe +1BortaS in the Cstore if it had it.)

Mark Xs seemed fair for the Console
Ablative Nuetronium alloy mkX
Rare ship engineering console
Battle Cruiser, Carriers, Support Vessels
+16 kinetic damage resistance
+16 All damage resistance
+ 28 Phaser damage resistance
+28 Disruptor damage resistance
+28 Plasma damage resistance
as a Mark 12 would put the gains up as equal to the best rated Nuetronium Alloy console and the best Ablative console one can have ingame and would bring forth cries of OP. If the above idea was made as a Unique console Useable only on the BortaS (though removable if you wish) it does not seem to be too bad an item.

The Bio-Nueral Tactical defense turrets need to remain mark Xs for similiar reasons.
Bio-Nueral Tactical Defense system mkX (x2 fore/x2 aft)
360 degree firing arc - 7km range
Accuracy +15%
damage 60 (90 dps)
As a mark X (actually the damage out put is closer to mk4) but with a good accuracy bonus and not taking up any weapon slots, plus its slightly shorter range, the idea seems fairly balanced in that it will give a bonus to DPV/DPS but only when you target is close but not push the output to an OP level when buffed by CSV/CRF.

I doubt it will ever see the light of day since the Devs seem to think everybody wants more pets on the KDF side of things. Me, I'd rather see the BortaS become the gun boat it should be (imo).