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# 7 Its fine with me.
02-16-2012, 10:58 AM
I don't know if you noticed, but the Galaxy's Separated sauser has gain its own BO powers. It now has EMS, and anti-matter spread which saves me from having to use my slow recharging, anti-spread. As Galaxy and Galaxy X you attract all the threat becuase of your slow turn rate. Every PVP player in the map seems to b gunning for you. What I did to combat the problem is arm a set of rear to tormpedo lauchers and wto phaser banks in the rear. I use 3 phaser banks and one Quantum torpedo launcher in front and 2 phaser banks, one transphasic torpedo cluster., and one photon or quantum torpedo launcher in rear. Set your tac bridge officer to have BO and heavy torpedo volley( I forgot the turm used). Once you do that you will see escorts lay off your back because you have just as much teeth there ase you do in the ther front. When fighting the Borg just swap out the one of the quantum or photon torpedos for a tricobalt device. You will be killing Cubes faster than you know.